Growth: The Evolution Of The Spider’s Web


A tiny spider sits within his web on Red Cliff; Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast.

Is there any creature on earth that constantly grows and adapts to fit their environment more so than the spider?

There had been heavy rain the night before I hiked to Red Cliff and snapped this shot. Yet this spider’s web wasn’t even slightly damaged. Instead, the midday sunlight penetrating the canopy only served to show off its artistry.

For over 300 million years, the evolutionary purpose of spiders’ silk has grown from use simply as egg sacks and ground-based traps to the intricate hanging webs we see today. These are also some of the strongest natural structures on earth and, incredibly, can be built in as little as an hour.

Perhaps, the perfect example of both instant and enduring growth.


I posted this photo in response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth.

3 thoughts on “Growth: The Evolution Of The Spider’s Web

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