Postcard From: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica


Puerto Viejo is a surfer’s party town. By day everyone hits the beaches, by night the reggae bars are the place to be.

Why go?

This ocean side town is only five hours and $8 from Costa Rica’s capital. Its multiple beaches, Caribbean cuisine and laidback attitude make it the ideal place to spend a whole week when travelling slowly.

My highlights

I spent a day cycling south to Punta Uva, taking in the beaches and a hike up the Red Cliff along the way, from where there’s a great view of Punta Arecife beach. I loved watching the birds before breakfast from the tranquility of my hostel’s garden. After a day at the beach, my favourite spot was Johnny’s Bar on the edge of Playa Negra – a great place to watch the sunset.

In Hindsight…

I wish I’d realised how expensive it is to eat and drink out in Puerto Viejo. The cheapest meals with a beer cost around $7 and more expensive restaurants charge much more. Searching for hostels that have a kitchen and include breakfast in their price is a great idea!



7 thoughts on “Postcard From: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

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