Glow: Canberra’s Enlighten Festival

Once a year Canberra lights up. The facades of its famous buildings take on an other-worldly quality as specialist lighting engineers create visual displays that move to music.


Lurking in the shadows

Parliament House EF

From the National Library to Australia’s Parliament House – nothing escapes the magic that these teams can create.

I originally wrote about this festival back in 2014  but it jumped straight into my head again when reading this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow.




14 thoughts on “Glow: Canberra’s Enlighten Festival

  1. That’s really cool. It’s interesting to think about all the work and planning that goes into making these types of things. We used to always go to a “Zoo at Night” in Chicago where the music was timed with the Christmas lights that would twinkle in the melody of the song.

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