Windows: A Quiet Moment In Dubrovnik


Two young girls wait for lessons to start again in the open window of an imposing building

Originally published as part of a post on walking Dubrovnik’s city walls, this image sprung to mind immediately when I thought of windows. 

These two school girls were taking a break just before their bell rang for class. I had also just reached a particularly tranquil part of my walk with no other tourists nearby. There was a sense that the silence could be broken at any moment and it was; by the shrill bell.

The obvious perception of a window is something to look out of, however what I love about this photo is that the window itself has framed the girls and I’m looking in towards them. The strong midday sun also cast deep shadows into the building, which made me wonder what sort of rooms were behind my subjects.

This post was inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows.



9 thoughts on “Windows: A Quiet Moment In Dubrovnik

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  2. I love the way you are documenting these memories in one-off posts because it brings a sense of repose with it. If you know what I mean…and the shot has a certain vibe about it, like you got a bite of the daily lives of the locals. xx

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    • Thank you. I’m really enjoying taking part in the photo challenge and as you say, it really make’s me reflect on very specific moments of my travels rather than writing about a journey as a whole. As a tourist, I love seeing a snippet of life that reminds me that these wonderful places are all ‘home’ to some. 🙂

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