In Pictures: A Few Of My Favourites From Italy

I hope you’ve enjoyed coming with me through Italy?

What struck me most about this country was the compulsion I always felt to visit the big sights. Rome’s Pantheon, Venice’s St Marc’s Square and Florence’s Duomo to name a fantastic few. However, some of my favourite moments were spent experiencing the tiny details – the daily occurrences that make up the full fabric of a place. It was sometimes hard to remember that despite all its must-sees and the historical importance of its ancient Roman Empire, Italy was just another country where people and visitors enjoyed living.

Leaving Italy, for now at least, here are a few of my favourite images from my journey: The normalities of everyday life, the people who I passed but never met and the snapshots that reminded me of a real country that exists behind the famous tourist destinations.


A private moment sneakily captured – Near St Marc’s Square Venice

IMG_0592 (1)

La Merca for a lunch on the go – near the Rialto market in Venice


This lady had just finished shaking out her doormat – back street of Venice


A couple turn their back on the luxury of the Doge’s Palace to admire the view – Venice


This little girl was oblivious to me while she skipped – Venice


Shortly before the rain set in, tourist take a break in Santa Maria Novella’s cloisters – Florence


Nuns inside the Duomo get their iPad out for a group photo – Florence


A reminder of the real – outskirts of the Vatican City in Rome

IMG_1959 (1)

While I ate my lunch this lady watched me and I watched back – Next to the Pantheon in Rome


I love anchovy pizza and this was one of many – Just outside the Roman Forum, Rome


A business man on his way to a meeting has no time for the wandering tourists – Sorrento


The modern church of modern Syracuse dominates the skyline – Greek port of Ortiga, Sicily


Locals go about their food shop – Catania, Sicily


The view from my siesta on my final day in Italy – Catania, Sicily

What were your favourite moments of a visit to Italy?

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