Elemental: Hiking Ancient Stromboli


Very few travel experiences have made my heart beat as fast as it did in that moment. 

With my head torch off, the precipice less than a metre in front of me was invisible. I knew it was there though, and I tried to steady my legs as I thought about how exposed I was.

Stromboli has been constantly erupting for over 2,000 years. True to form that night on its ridge, my camera’s only available focus was its spewing lava. Not just one, but three craters below seemed to take turns in drawing gasps from my group of hikers; Trying to stand strong yet still vastly insignificant compared to the show before us.

Just then, on that small island in the middle of Italy’s Tyrrhenian Sea, I felt the elements around me in higher definition than ever before. The softness of the ash under foot, the smell of the sea air hitting my face on the high ridge and the mesmerising sparks of one of earth’s most active volcanoes.

This post was inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental. 

My visit to Stromboli island was part of my Grand Tour through Italy.



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