In Pictures: Sunset in Copenhagen

Anyone who has travelled with me knows just how much I love a sunset. As the last rays of light drop over the horizon I’m stopped in my tracks. I often feel compelled to stand still and savour it. Copenhagen was no exception.

I partly blame my mum for the end of each day dumping me into a catatonic state: Every day on the way to school she would quote a poem by Thomas Carlyle: ‘Today’. As a grumpy teenager I always saw it as a vain attempt to guilt me into working harder in class. However as I’ve got older I’ve come to love his words:

Out of Eternity

This new Day is born;

Into Eternity,

At night, will return.


And so I consider myself an expert in sunsets. From the flash of green before the sun drops into a tropical ocean to the slow wintry transition to mauve over a British town, I’ve ogled quite a few. Despite this, Copenhagen didn’t disappoint. In fact, it was so lovely at dusk that I started planning my days around where I could be to get the best seat.

And so it was that I found myself at the top of a precarious church spire. One second, the dazzling orange appeared to melt like a watercolour into the dark buildings below. The next, the exact silhouettes of the city’s skyline sat black and neat against their backdrop.

On other days the sunset gave off a paler glow, gradually blanching to almost white before an instant dusk settled. Regardless, I still asked myself the question at the end of Thomas Carlyle’s famous poem:

Here hath been dawning

Another blue Day:

Think wilt thou let it

Slip useless away.


7 thoughts on “In Pictures: Sunset in Copenhagen

    • Thanks for the compliment and welcome to my blog! It’s funny you should mention the sunsets all around the world, because actually the sunsets over the sea only a short drive from where I grew up are some of the best I’ve seen!

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  1. Great photos and blogging. I always remember Phil saying how he loved Copenhagen, will get there one day. I ,for my sins, get up early for work everyday and travel down the same roads to work but the sunrises I see some days are fantastic,unique and genuinely put a smile on my face. I do and always will love a sunset though.keep it up. X

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    • Hi Nick! Thanks for stopping by the blog 🙂 It’s funny I also remember uncle Phillip talking about it when I was little. I sometimes wish I got up earlier to make more of sunrise every morning too – I only seem to make the effort to catch dawn on my travels!


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