In Pictures: Atop Across The World

When I travel, I always try to see things from a different perspective. Not just metaphorically, but physically too. 

Climbing high to observe my surroundings helps me to get my bearings and also provides an alternative view of very familiar places. Sometimes, I’ve made an extra effort to reach the tops of buildings and mountains, even choosing modes of transport specifically to get up high. Occasionally it has happened by accident. Either way, it has always shown me an unusual side of some of the world’s most travelled places.

Here are just five of my favourites…


London Bridge Station from above – engineering at its prettiest!

London Bridge Station is one of the world’s busiest. What I love about this image is that its elegance as seen from the viewing platform of The Shard, completely contradicts its much maligned reputation for delayed commuter trains and dirty pavements.


Tour groups gather around Onofrio’s Fountain at one of the city’s main gates

Dubrovnik is a busy city, especially when the daily cruise ships pull into port. While groups of people waited for walking tours just inside its main gates, I captured the bustling moment from a relatively quiet walkway above.


A street dancer entertains passersby on the patterned pavements outside the Baixo Chiado metro station

Lisbon is one of my favourite cities. I stayed in a hostel at the centre of its Baixo Chiado district that had a fantastic view onto the street performers and pavements below. Lisbon’s pavements are so ornate, that they’re definitely best experienced from above.


The gigantic hand of Genghis Khan takes hold of the wintery landscape

One of my stranger journeys atop the world’s highest steel statue. Genghis Khan sits astride his giant horse in the middle of Mongolia’s plains. Visitors can explore the museum inside before walking up Genghis to snap views of the surreal countryside beyond.

Nasca humming bird

The Nazca lines hummingbird is a giant shape drawn in the sands of Peru’s Nazca desert

Some places are better seen from overhead; others can only be seen once you’re on the wing. The ancient Nazca lines in Peru are so large that their shapes can only be deciphered by taking a short flight over them. This is one of the most famous of the mysterious etchings – the humming bird.

This post is in response to WordPress’ weekly photo challenge, which this week is: Atop

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