What’s In A Name?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” ~ William Shakespeare

One of my favourite things about being a blogger is how much I learn on the job. Three years ago widgets, tags and SEO weren’t in my vocabulary. Today, I still struggle with them, but at the very least I know what they are. Since then, blogging has given me a whole new skill set that I never realised existed.

As I put the final plans for my trans-Siberian adventure into place in November 2013, I also made the decision to set up a website. My enthusiasm to start writing completely outweighed my technological abilities (it still does!) and so on I plundered. I chose a domain name; uploaded a header image and jumped on a plane to Beijing.

Learning, quite literally as I travelled was exciting. I’ll always remember the satisfaction of using a VPN connection to view my first correctly uploaded post in a Beijing hotel reception. I quickly realised that it also posed challenges. Throughout that trip, I became Wi-Fi dependent, nervous about sharing posts with closer friends and obsessed with analysing my stats page.

All this came second to my realisation that my blog was a virtual version of me. It was a living, breathing, constantly evolving showcase of my whereabouts, my thoughts and my abilities. I also recognised that it would never quite be finished. Over the years I’ve changed layouts, created new styles of post and constantly fretted over the tidiness of my widgets.

However this year there’s one fact, sprung from my biggest beginner blogger’s oversight that I can’t ignore. My domain name doesn’t match my blog’s name and my blog’s name is extremely common! Three years ago, as I was about to embark on the longest overland train ride in the world, The Long Way Home seemed the perfect choice. It summed up my immediate journey and most importantly, how I felt about my travelling lifestyle.

In hindsight, this title probably jumped into my brain from past experience; something I’d read about or heard. As it turns out, many other people had the same idea. The Long Way Home has been a book, a film and the title of countless other publications that all mean something to someone, somewhere. Sadly for me though, it’s the end of the line with The Long Way Home.

I’ve changed my blog’s name to Rachel Lishman; Home Is A Feeling. I hope that this new title still captures my belief that we can feel at home anywhere in the world. This is still the main message of my blog and perhaps, the only constant in my little virtual world!

Welcome, to Home Is A Feeling.


14 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. I share the same feeling as you when you say you’re quite nervous about sharing your posts. But it’s great to know that your content overall doesn’t convey that at all! Continue writing, continue travelling!


  2. That is a lovely punch line. Home is indeed a feeling. Looking forward to reading your posts. I saw your Rhossili Bay shot with your father on Dave’s blog. I love Rhossili. I have extremely windy memories of it. I have one snap in fact where the wind made my long hair stand up straight in the air, which would essentially make you suspect the concept of gravity (except that my feet were on the ground) 😉


    • Welcome! Thanks for your lovely words – it’s great to ‘meet’ someone else that knows Rhossili. I’ve been touting it for years to the point where people probably think I’m being paid commission! Even on a still day down at the beach, it’s always windy on the top of the downs so I know your feeling well. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog 🙂

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  3. Brilliant! I am visiting your blog for the first time and I must say, the very opening lines of your blog caught my attention! It is bloggers like you who motive fellow bloggers like me to do better with each blogs! Looking forward to read more from you!

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  4. I like it a lot! Your page is clean cut and that was a good post.

    I am so new to this blogging thing only about One year making posts. I am excited for the future and thank you.

    this post gives me inspiration


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