The Long Way Home Turns Two

Two years ago I sat in Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport about to leave Australia. After more than three years in Canberra, I was returning to the UK for a new, and at that point in time, temporary adventure.


I gradually fell in love with London life and haven’t yet returned Down Under. The Long Way Home has grown and evolved to accommodate my ever-changing perspectives and I now regularly travel back in time to talk about those first trips that inspired my passion for globetrotting. As a fitting tribute to what my blog has become, I’ve decided to reminisce on some of my favourite moments over the past few years, both in the virtual and real travel world!


My first cover image for The Long Way Home was the Australian Parliament in Canberra. I’d spent a wonderful Three years living and working in the Australian Capital.

My most popular post

In May of this year I spent a few weeks travelling from Slovenia to Montenegro. I’d never visited this area of Europe before and it really impressed. One of the highlights of my holiday was the day I spent in Slovenia’s tiny capital city: Ljubljana. I have never felt so immediately comfortable in an urban environment and particularly enjoyed the riverside café culture and the free art and sculpture that’s dotted throughout the streets. My love for Ljubljana obviously was obviously contagious, as it became my most viewed post on The Long Way Home.

My best budget destination

As 2014’s British summer came to a close, I escaped to Portugal for some autumn sun. Once I arrived it rained for two days, but despite the poor weather Lisbon was an outstanding city. Both my flights and accommodation came to little more than £100 and it didn’t stop there: eating and exploring in Lisbon and its nearby towns was cheap and hassle free. The city had such character that I would happily have paid double the price for that long weekend. The highlights were the view from our hostel, a day out in Sintra and the food…ah the food.

Sintra Palace & surrounds, Portugal

Sintra Palace & surrounds, Portugal

Exploring my doorstep

One of my favourite adventures in London so far was my visit to Hampton Court Palace. Stories from the time of Henry VIII have always fascinated me, and on its 500th anniversary year, the palace brought them to life from every angle. A mixture of micro-plays, wine fountains, glorious gardens doused in summer sun and a history-rich stroll through ancient royal quarters made for a fabulous day out.

Fulfilling a childhood dream: The Monaco Grand Prix

A standout moment since The Long Way Home started was my visit to Monaco to watch the famous Formula One race. The risk of achieving a childhood dream is that it will never live up to expectations. I didn’t have that problem, as Monaco delivered exactly what I had always hoped it would: glamour, adrenaline and one of my most memorable travel experiences to date. What did surprise me was how affordable it was. By avoiding the package deals and spending a few days exploring the nearby Provence, we cut our costs considerably and were able to spend time exploring beautiful beaches and historic towns as well.

A Palace with a view - Monaco's main harbour, with F1 grandstands in the foreground.

A Palace with a view – Monaco’s main harbour, with F1 grandstands in the foreground.


A Thank You

To all my followers, readers, commenters and those who drop by to catch a brief glimpse into my roaming world: You are a constant source of motivation to continue doing something I love. Your blogs give me new ideas for journeys, inspiration to keep following my passion and most importantly: the assurance that I’m not alone in my travel fanaticism!

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 1.20.55 pm

The results are in: There are three of you who have made your voice heard on The Long Way Home more than anyone else:

The Eternal Traveller  writes about her past and present travels and has a lovely blog with colourful and inspiring images of travel destinations – the perfect antidote to a boring day in the office! I’m really enjoying her latest journey through Australia.

Traveller Lynne has been to destinations I’ve so far only dreamt of so I really enjoy reading her snippets on places I never knew existed! Like me, Lynne loves thinking and reminiscing on past adventures and her passion comes across in all her posts.

Alive and Trekking has recently gone solo and her blog looks amazing. We started out at roughly the same time (and on the same WordPress theme!) I love her snapshots of life in other countries that provide the perfect trigger to a travel daydream.



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