In Pictures: A Foodies’ Guide To Lithuania

I have some advice: Don’t holiday in Lithuania if you don’t like carbs, if you wince at the thought of loosening a belt buckle or if, for whatever reason, you don’t enjoy eating.


Over four days in Lithuania I sampled three hearty meals a day, always accompanied by locally brewed beer or the dangerously drinkable berry wine. On the first day I convinced myself I was walking it off, by the second day I was waddling slightly, by the third I had resorted to leaving my jean’s top button permanently undone.

There’s a strong Russian influence in Lithuanian cuisine and vegetables aren’t always on the menu. Mains consist of hearty stews, warming soups and potato in all its forms. These people it seems, can do anything with a potato. Herring, beetroot and sour cream (yes, sometimes on the plate together) are also prominent.

So if you’ve decided to give up on sightseeing for the remainder of a rainy day, embarking on a food-crawl is your next best bet:

7 thoughts on “In Pictures: A Foodies’ Guide To Lithuania

  1. Mmm, looks delicious! I love the presentation of the tea! It’s funny because when we were in Russia I had quite low expectations about the food but was totally surprised by the great flavour combinations in the hearty fare. I guess I’ll have to add Lithuania to my list..!

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