In Pictures: 5 Places I Would Revisit

A few weeks ago I wrote in The Rule Breaker about my love for Morocco. It’s a place that I would happily revisit to experience more. Then I was challenged by Jen at Seat 6A  and Ayla of Mrs Ayla’ s Adventures to come up with a whole list of destinations that I would return to!

This has been quite a challenge, mainly because of the affliction I talk about in The Rule Breaker – I’m usually too busy exploring new places to think about visiting anywhere twice! However as I thought more about my choices, I realized that there are many reasons returning to a destination multiple times can be rewarding:

  • After travelling through most countries as a backpacker, I would be keen to experience living and working in them full time. Getting to know the locals better would be the main motivator for me.
  • Likewise, there are countries that I’ve lived in that I want to return to as a tourist – possibly showing friends the remnants of the previous lifestyle I led there. There’s nothing wrong with a literal trip down memory lane!
  • I’ve visited some countries at a certain time of year and feel I may have missed out on festivals, seasonal traditions or favourable weather conditions. All good reasons to revisit and explore more!

So, here’s my list, in photos, of a few places I would love to see again:


I would readily return to Morocco multiple times. This country held a little bit of everything for me. My travels there sparked a curiosity in me. The culture was rich without being completely overwhelming. I met great people who helped to make my memories even more vivid. For me, Morocco is the perfect mixture of history, culture, food, relaxation, outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes. One day I’ll go back…

A Moroccan Kasbah

A Moroccan Kasbah

South America

South America is my favourite continent to date and was the furthest I had ever travelled from ‘home’ at the age of 22. The variation of its landscapes, people and histories had me completely hooked. I would love to return to live there at some point. Until then, I make do with looking through my photo albums! This is just one of the calming roadsides that our truck stopped at on its three month journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast…

The road to nowhere - a brief fresh air stop on a Bolivian roadside...

The road to nowhere – a brief fresh air stop on a Bolivian roadside…


I travelled along the Trans-Siberian last December and spent a great few days at a Ger camp a few hours’ drive from Ulaanbaatar. The winter landscapes were silent and mesmerising, but I’d also love to experience this country in summer, specifically for the annual Nadaam Festival. I think that’s worth a second visit!

Owned by nomadic farmers, yaks roam across Mongolia's wintery national parks

Owned by nomadic farmers, yaks roam across Mongolia’s wintery national parks

The South of France

This was a childhood home and will always hold a special place in my heart. I recently returned for a long weekend to see how my old haunts had moved on without me over the years. It was emotional to realise that old friends and institutions, such as Mary Jo’s restaurant, were long gone. However some things were exactly as I remembered them. Porquerolles Island was one of them…

Porquerolles Harbour, Cote D'Azur

Porquerolles Harbour, Cote D’Azur

Tasmania, Australia

Tassie is an adults’ playground. A perfect mixture of grown-up but fun activities from wine and cheese tasting to cold water diving and mountain scrambling. A perfect annual getaway that won’t break the budget if you’re flying from Sydney – we hired a camper van that was our transport and accommodation for 12 days. This Australian enclave is definitely worth a second go, but of course this continent has vast expanses to be explored…decisions decisions!

A view of Hobart from Mt Wellington

A view of Hobart from Mt Wellington

The Eternal Traveller, Adventures in Wonderland and Mrs Ayla’s Adventures I challenge you all to come up with your top picks for destinations worth a second visit!


After note:

Great minds think alike; as I was busy nominating Ayla, she was completing the challenge and nominating me! Check out her list in 5 places I dream of returning to.

6 thoughts on “In Pictures: 5 Places I Would Revisit

  1. Love this post, not just because of the gorgeous pictures, but also the reasons you penned down for returning to these places. I would love to go to Mongologia and that photo from a South American landscape is simply stunning! And Tassie, got to love Tassie!


  2. Ooh great picks! I agree with South America – spent 3 weeks there this year but it was nowhere near enough. Morocco has been somewhere I’ve wanted to go for ages but just haven’t managed to get round to it yet. And it’s so close! Thanks for the nomination haha! 🙂


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